Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Watch Dogs

E3 is in full swing, and you know what that means!

A hint of story with no game play. Future Chicago is obviously being played up to be pretty depraved.

Looks pretty fun. Apparently civilians can recognize you and call 911, and you can walk up to them and toss their phone on the ground. It's a little odd that no one does anything about it, though. Seems like a good way for the dude to scream, "It's Aiden Pierce!" and have everyone on the street call 911. I'm happy to see stuff like that in there, though.

One thing I'm wary of is the 'tell the guy where to go' segment. If you fail, do you get an instant game over, or do you just have to go help him out? I like the idea, but hopefully the execution isn't too obtuse.

Also, we get our first cross-platform tie-in. The player requests help from a tablet player, who hops on and disables a helicopter for him, as well as popping up (Or just unlocking?) a couple of road barriers. While I find this idea interesting, especially considering that you're a character walking around hacking the world with your phone, I'm still not sure of it. I'm sure I can pull out my phone/tablet and just play by myself if I really wanted to, which kind of defeats the purpose. I'm naturally a little cautious going towards this, but I'll keep an open mind.

Blackouts look like they're your one-way ticket to escaping the everything. I'm guessing you'll run across better equipped enemies in the future, but hopefully it's not something you do willy-nilly just to escape the police when they catch you. There should be some sort of consequence beyond being able to beat the crap out of law enforcer in sight because they can't see you.

Forgot to mention there's a huge hint towards Aiden's motivations: The dude you save mentions finding something out about your sister. Maybe it's because my sister is my only sibling, but this makes me happy. It's about time more games realized that tragedies don't only happen to dudes' wives and girlfriends.

Hopefully we'll get more info from E3. Looks pretty cool so far.

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